Get the most organic traffic possible for your ecommerce store

We use artificial intelligence to figure out what your site should rank for and what your content should say, so that Google consistently shows your site at the top of search results.

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Our team of engineers and writers create and run your SEO strategy

  1. Opportunity

    Time and time again, we've seen ecommerce companies pursuing SEO even when there isn't sufficient opportunity. We tell you firsthand whether or not SEO is a viable channel, and we'll do it for free!

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  2. Onboarding

    If there is SEO opportunity then we'll onboard our writers and get in sync on your brand's voice. We'll also perform a technical audit to ensure that your site is sending the right signals to Google and that it's not unknowingly sending any bad signals.

  3. Content roadmap

    Our engineers analyze your domain’s strength, your existing content (if you have any) and your competitors' sites to determine which keywords to go after and in what order. It's the keyword opportunity that drives the content roadmap.

  4. Engineer content to rank

    For any given keyword, our engineers audit the content that already ranks, we figure out why someone used that specific keyword, and determine the topics the article should include so that it’s most likely to rank at the top. With these insights, the result is content that people like to read and that Google consistently sends traffic to!

  5. Publish and promote consistently

    We determine the publishing cadence of SEO articles and we stick to that schedule no matter what. Consistency is key! We also find authoritative blogs that write abut topics that relate to your business. Then we run cold email outreach campaigns to negotiate and secure powerful links.

  6. Convert organic traffic

    We give your store a playbook on how to convert your organic traffic—whether the conversion event be an email, a phone number, a referral, or a sale—and we also provide expert advice.

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